Who is Fund The Charity Room?

Fund The Charity Room is a group of rapscallions who gather every year to raise money for a cause they believe in. Over the course of a week, they play games, have fun, make memes, and bring online communities together. Participants in Fund The Charity Room marathons come from all corners of the internet, and include members of BrainScratch Commentaries, the SuperGamingBrothers, and of course, FindTheComputerRoom. If you would like to learn more about this year’s runners, you can check them out here: [link]

Raffle Rules


$25 - Nintendo Switch Raffle

$20 - PS4 Slim Raffle

$10 - Gold Mario Amiibo Raffle (August 10th Only Raffle)

$10 - Hand-knit Plushes (August 9th and 12th Only Raffles)

$5 - All Other Daily Raffles

$Any - All Bid Wars and Incentives

To be eligible for a raffle entry, you must donate the corresponding amount in a single contribution. Example: 5 x $5 donations will not be equal to one $25 contribution and will not earn you a chance to win a Nintendo Switch. It must be a single donation of $25+.

You can, however, earn multiple chances within one donation. Example: $40 will get you two chances to win a PS4 Slim; OR $40 will get you one chance to win a PS4 Slim + two chances to win a daily raffle item + $10 worth of bid wars.

Incentives and Bid wars:

Listed to the right is a list of all the Bid War and Incentive games. Bid wars allow contributors to put money towards a certain game or scenario they would like to see the runners do, such as which campaign the runners will race for Shovel Knight.

For the incentives, we will be keeping track of all the money we raise and will check off which games will make it for the incentives day.